How to Make Your Resolutions Stick — Part Two

By Samantha Casmey, Manager, HFR Adult Programs

(Click here for Part 1)

How to plan effectively for long-term goals

Let’s use losing weight as an example of how to plan effectively. Losing weight is a long-term goal — especially if you want the weight to stay off. Expect to achieve major weight loss over the course of a year. If you think this is too long, put it into perspective. Have you ever done something the quick way, only to have to do it again — at twice the cost and twice the effort?

Losing weight is the same idea. The changes you make should be sustainable and contribute to your good health, not detract from it (e.g. fad diets.) You don’t want to have to do it all over again.

Long-term goals need to be broken down to more readily achievable targets. What are your short and medium-term goals to get you there? Think small. Think sustainable. Think about the things you’re doing — or not doing — that help or hinder your progress.

Write them down and rank them. What change of habit would be an easy win? What might be a more difficult change? Tackle a few easy things first to help you feel successful. As your confidence grows, start tackling the harder stuff.

Increase your chances of success

Tell people about your goals. Post it on Facebook. Tell your family, friends, colleagues — heck, tell your dentist! Find your supporters and let them support you. Track your progress and give yourself a gold star for each successful day. Make sure you have contingency plans; think about where you might go astray and decide ahead of time how you’ll deal with it.

This year, take some time to plan, and you just may find the path to success a little easier to navigate.

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