How to Make Your Resolutions Stick — Part One

By Samantha Casmey, Manager, HFR Adult Programs

This year I’m going to:

Lose 20 lbs

Exercise regularly

Run a 10K race

(Insert your favourite resolution here)

Sound familiar? For many, January 1 inevitably signals expectations of instantaneous formation of good habits, new resolve and immediate success. Positive energy is great, but reality sets in quickly (sometimes by January 2!) and old habits resume.

Oh well, there’s always next year.

There has to be another way.

A better way

There’s a very effective method to achieving change, and the good news is you’ve probably already used it – just in another area of your life. It’s simply called planning. You likely spend more time planning a trip to the grocery store than you do planning how to lose 20 lbs!

The level of planning will depend on you. Some people will need a detailed roadmap, while others will need only a few checkpoints. If you go to the grocery store with a detailed list, including specials, prices, sizes and quantities, and can tell to the dollar how much you’ll spend, this type of detail will help with your fitness goals as well.

Check back next week for more info on planning effectively for long-term goals and increasing your chances for success!

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