A note from Ana Bailão, City Councillor

Dear friends,

As a long-time resident, volunteer and neighbour in the Davenport area, it is a pleasure to serve Ward 18 residents in a new capacity as Councillor. I have been able to bring together my experience as a member of many local community groups and my background in the private sector to enrich this new role as City Councillor.

Living in Davenport, one cannot help but remark its uniqueness. It is rich with a wide mix of cultural heritages; it is an incubator for small business and is a blooming destination for tourists and customers of our shops. As a community, we have all the necessities to become an ever stronger and more vibrant Toronto neighbourhood. To do so, however, we must plan carefully and considerately for the future.

My plan for Ward 18 starts with protecting our important public services and continuing to invest in those enterprises of art and culture which have benefited our community so significantly. We must also secure more childcare spaces for our young families to succeed and expand our City’s affordable housing service.

Developing effective transit solutions is also critical as City grows. We must truly accept the concept of Complete Streets and afford respect and space for all road users. Our streets are where we shop, walk and cycle; they are not highways to other parts of the city.

As I stressed in my campaign, communication is central to the success of Ward 18. From weekly community office hours, issue-focused town halls, and regular newsletters, I am using a variety of methods to protect community interests, keep constituents informed and ensure that Davenport residents always have a voice at City Hall. I invite all residents to visit me at the Abrigo Centre located in the Dufferin mall from 10am to 12pm every Saturday to answer questions and address concerns.

I would also like to emphasize that no time is being wasted as we move quickly to reach these ambitious goals. My community office hours are well underway and January 15th marked my first public town hall to discuss the budget. I am also pleased to have been able to deliver so quickly on a central campaign promise as we move forward to restore parking on Dundas Street and City planners have already started examining the feasibility of continuing the expansion of the bicycle Railpath south of Dundas. Likewise, I have been in contact with City Recreation and numerous community groups to create more locations, opportunities and programs for our youth and plans are currently in place to expand the number of daycare spaces in our Ward.

I look forward to the many exciting projects that we can accomplish working together over the next four years.


Ana Bailão
City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport

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